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Integrated labels, Shipping labels, Integrated cards, Name badges, Security paper

Integrated labels blank or with pre-print, ideal address label.

Integrated labels are ideal for printing customer address labels and delivery notes in one pass. Suitable for your printer, we offer integrated labels, integrated address labels, shipping labels also called sesam label in our store. The invoice paper with label ensures a smooth shipping process. With an integrated address label you can optimize shipping processes. We offer many standard letterheads with integrated label in our store. Suitable for most shipping platforms. In addition, we can manufacture and print suitable integrated labels for you. Barcodes, numbering and requests for specific other applications. We manufacture according to customer requirements.

Shipping labels, parcel labels, shipping forms for addressing of DHL, Hermes, DPD.

Our matching shipping labels and parcel labels in A4, can be franked and addressed smoothly on your printer. Ideal for your online store or suitable for various sales and shipping platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, the shipping labels can be easily printed. With the self-adhesive A4 shipping labels you avoid mistakes and save time when sending. The franking and address labels are self-adhesive and can be easily processed and stuck on the package. Suitable for DHL labels, Hermes labels and DPD labels, we have a range of standard solutions available here in the store. Ideally, we also offer customized shipping forms with labels. Integrated shipping labels with printing, as recycling and eco forms can be ordered from us on request.

Integrated cards as letter with card ideal for membership cards suitable for your laser printer

Integrated cards are ideal ID card solutions that you can personalize on the laser printer. The A4 Letter with a laminated paper cards are printed together in one pass and can be delivered as a mailing. Our laminated paper cards, integrated in the A4 letter are suitable as membership card, eyeglass pass, customer card and service or insurance cards. As a partner for your integrated ID card solution, we offer a small selection of integrated cards in our store. You can also order printed cards directly in the store. We offer you integrated cards customized, from printing to various security features and ready-to-mail mailings, we manufacture your product!

Letter with badge, name badges laminated, use the butterfly card for laser printers

The integrated badge is a paper card laminated in the letter. The letter with card is personalized directly in the laser printer and the laminated name badge is cut out. Suitable as trade show badge, conference badge. Our Butterfly Badges are durable and tear-resistant. Ideally, our letters with badge can be personalized on-site or the letterhead with laminated badge is mailed before the event. Afterwards, the badges can be worn visibly and conveniently with a lanyard or clip.

Security paper, security labels - forms with copy protection

As a print shop for high-quality forms, we place great value and a lot of know-how in technically high-quality and counterfeit-proof forms. Especially in the area of integrated cards and IDs, which represent a real financial value, these must be particularly protected and forgery-proof. From holograms to security ink and security labels, we can implement suitable form solutions. In our store we offer a selection of standard security forms. Barcode copy protection, security labels, holograms, tickets, numbered.

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