About Digikett - The manufacturer for integrated print products

Integrated Cards
Digikett is a manufacturer of integrated cards, integrated labels, continuous forms and personalised direct mail!

We are a highly qualified and motivated family business in the north of Germany. Our trademarks are performance and competence for the highest satisfaction of our customers.

Digikett specialises in innovative and high quality printed products that make your business stand out from the usual paper monotony. We produce printed products with integrated labels and laminated cards that are seamlessly embedded in the paper and easy to remove. We also specialise in continuous forms and personalised direct mail. Digikett products are produced with great expertise and attention to detail.

With our six laminating lines, we are able to implement complex form solutions - from small quantities to large print runs - for you in a timely manner.

Shipping labels
Digikett is your qualified contact for integrated paper products.

There's no such thing as can't!

That is our motto, because we find a solution for every problem! In doing so, the quality of your product is always in the foreground for us.

We are happy to realise all your special requests! This ranges from layout to ready-to-post product, from graphics to CTP and roll-offset technology with up to 12 UV colours in all formats you require.

We call our integrated cards DiCard. You can print on these cards with any of your standard laser printers. The foils used are specially pre-treated for this application. The integrated card is die-cut without ridges and held in place by a thin backing sheet.

Integrated labels, sometimes called sesame or laser labels, are called Digiketten. These are labels embedded in a form (sheet of paper) with a backing. Embedded labels can be printed on all conventional printers.

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