Butterfly Badge and laminated congress badges.

Butterfly badge, conference and event badges

Eventpasses and Badges printed in full Colour to the edge, ideal for your conference and events.

With matching name badges for your event, the integrated badges contribute to a successful event. Suitable for commercially available printers, the name badges for events and functions can be printed either in advance or directly at the entrance. In one print run, the cards are printed in colour on both sides up to the edge.

The laminated badges and name tags are also suitable for seminars, conferences and training courses. Ideally usable for single day events and also durable for events lasting several days. Wearing the name badges with a lanyard or clip will encourage conversation and networking at your event. With your design, the name badges become a business card among participants and guests, clearly displaying your logo and corporate identity for all to see.

Eventpasses and Badges single run booth sided edge print.Butterfly Badge and Laminated cards

The name badges integrated in the A4 sheet are seamlessly embedded in the letterhead and can be easily collected as a badge - The badges have been specially designed for laser printers.

  • Individual badge design
  • Two-sided edge printing
  • Space for sponsors
  • QR and bar-code printing
  • Laminated durable event badges
  • On site check-in and printing
  • Butterfly Badge, event id, conference badgeprinting.

Matching badges and passes can be found here in blank and printed

Butterfly BadgesCustom eventpasses and badgesSecurity badges and cards

Blank and bespoke full colour custom Butterfly Badges for personalisation

The Butterfly Badges as name badges are integrated in a DIN A4 paper letterhead. The badges are available in different sizes and designs. We will be happy to produce the desired sizes on request. The laminated paper badges can be labelled on the printer and can be purchased blank or pre-printed in full colour with a logo.

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Integrated laminated butterfly badge

Laminated badge printEvent badges and trade fair badges offer possibilities for a perfect event.

The first appearance of an event is represented by the invitation and the event badges. With an optimal name badge, initial expectations for your events and conferences are met. Admission control is also made much easier with pre-printed and pre-sent trade fair badges. Participants can be recognised from a distance and the queue is significantly shortened.

Attract attention!

A clever design will attract the attention of your guests. With a cool, attractive and unique design, the badge becomes more than just a name tag! This has a positive effect on the participant experience. Use the name badges for an unforgettable memory of your event.

Keep it simple!

However, don't confuse clever design with unnecessary clutter and too much information. An event badge has only limited space. The design should be attractive but above all highlight essential information. Less is often more - use the space in the best possible way.