What are Integrated Labels

What are Integrated labels Integrated Labels

With integrated labels, we provide smart form solutions for your everyday office work. The integrated labels save unnecessary work steps and ensure an optimized workflow. Strongly adhesive, removable or thermal adhesives are used to suit the desired application. The position, size and number of labels can be selected as desired and additionally printed by us beforehand in web offset. The letterheads with address stickers and labels can be printed by any standard printer.

Advantages of integrated labels


  • Time-saving - Everything is printed in one pass
  • Efficient - Sheet and label are on one sheet
  • Secure - Sheet and label are inseparable
  • No matching errors possible

What are integrated labels?Bespoke Integrated labels

Integrated labels, are DIN A4 sheets with a label that is seamlessly integrated into the paper. A silicone paper or transfer foil is dispensed onto the back of the form, then the form is dicut or kisscut at the label position. Since we only glue a small part of integrated labels with silicone paper / transfer foil, these are particularly material-saving and environmentally friendly.

Usually these sheets with label are used as invoice paper or delivery bill to print the documents and the address label in one printing process.
In this way, you get a sheet that contains all the desired information and also a label that can be used as an address label or similar. With the right label solution there are no mix and match errors.




Blank and Bespoke printed integrated labels

We manufacture offset printed products with integrated labels according to customer's requirements. Size, format and color of the integrated labels are variabel - we manufacture your desired product for your specific application.
Alternatively, we offer various sheets with address labels or shipping labels here in our online store. These are suitable for many common applications and platforms.integrated labels
Do you have a special request? Please contact us! We produce integrated label forms for europe and have a network around the world. Together we will find the right product for your application. 

Find integrated labels, shipping labels, return labels and custom labels here.

invoice paper with labelIntegrierte EtikettenPrint shipping labelsCustom-Print_s

Where are forms with integrated labels used?

  • Delivery bills with label and address label
  • Shipping labels and shipping forms
  • Invoice paper with labels
  • Letterhead with address label
  • Return receipts with label
  • Pallet receipts with additional label
  • Repair receipts with label
  • Laboratory receipts with labels

Invoice paper with address label

Our letterheads with integrated labels are often used, as an invoice paper with integrated address label. You print the invoice and the label with the delivery address in just one step.
This makes it easy to avoid address errors and also saves valuable time. The complete data reconciliation is simply omitted! You can always be sure that your product reaches the right customer.
--> Here you can find suitable invoice papers with integrated labels

Logistics and shipping labels

Optimal used as shipping forms, integrated labels ensure a optimized shipping processing.
The forms with integrated label are suitable as packing list including address label. The shipping paper with label also serves an optimized return shipping and can be printed with a return address or barcodes.
For most store and parcel services, we have standard forms that you can order online.

--> Here you can find suitable logistics and shipping labels.

Forms with integrated labels

Organization and seal labels

Labels are used for many organizational tasks. Every business strives to be as efficient as possible - increase your efficiency with organizational labels. Mark your goods or use seal labels that mark the progress of production. We produce organizational labels tailored to you and your processes, pre-printed or as security seals with security features.

Marketing and advertising

Forms with added value - personalized promotional mailings are ideal for addressing your customers individually.
Use the playful features of special forms to attract your customers' attention.
There are no limits to your creativity! We produce integrated labels in different colors and shapes for you.
Fell free to contact us!

Pharmaceutical labels and other medical forms

In medical applications, the requirements for label quality and durability are particularly high.
Paper with a block of dispensed pharmaceutical labels is often used for blood donations.
This gives the blood donor service space for important patient information on the paper and at the same time - without the risk of confusion - the pharmaceutical labels for marking the blood bags and test tubes.
Of course, the material is weather-resistant and temperature-stable even at the lowest temperatures.