What are Integrated Cards

Integrated Card forms for Desktop printers

Integrated cards come in a variety of designs. Customized and Bespoke printed for your needs they can be used for many appliacations.
Sheets with Integrated cards are ideal as membership cards, glass passes or customer cards.
A laminated card with space for a photo or Id picture is suitable as a season ticket, season pass or travel pass.
Badges laminated for duplex printing, can be used for events and trade shows as a name badge and / or entrance control.
A letterhead with name badge can be worn as a badge clearly visible and also offers enough space for sponsors.

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What are integrated cards?

Forms with an integrated thin plastic cards are specially produced sheets, whit a laminated foil for the designated card.
The laminated foil is often die-cut in a credit card size and can easily be detached from the sheet by the user.
These letterheads with a cards have a wide use of applications. Most used foils can be used and printed with standard b/w laser printers.
Some foils are also suitable for use with color laser printers.
Papers with integrated cards are an excellent
and environmentally friendly alternative to solid plastic cards.

Bespoke printed forms with a integrated card

Integrated card forms

We produce forms with integrated product solutions on our own built machines, which gives us a great felxibility. Applying different materials and adjust them according to customer's requirements is our srtenght. We Preprint your forms in offset or digital printing according to your wishes.The printed image is protected by the applied foil which is laser compatible. If required, we can include security features in the print and on the paper.

In our online store you will find integrated cards that are suitable for simplex or duplex printing.
We also offer letterheads that are ideal for use as badges or nameplates.
The cards can be purchased blank or pre-printed by us and then personalized on your laser printer.
For printing on your office laser printer you do not need any special software!

Print Butterfly badges Simplex-Card_mDuplex-Card_s

What are integrated cards used for?

Loyalty cards and glass passes

Print loyalty cards and eyeglass passes directly on-site with your desktop printer, no need for expensive special software. With an integrated card, you print the cover letter and card in one pass.
The laminated card can then be used by the customer immediately. No need to take your sensitive customer data off-site! With the personalized data on the

Brillenpässe und Kundenkarten Drucken

card, you and your customers have all the important information at a glance.

--> Here you will find suitable customer cards and glass passes for printers.

Badges and namebadges

For most business events or confeerences name badges can be used. With Laminated name badges your can easily add sponsors and guest names. Design your badge on the A4 Sheet as needed, they are available in different designs an size, pre-cut for lanyards and clips.
The butterfly badges integrated in the letter, can be used as an invitation or printed on site. Print the letter with the badges / name tags for your event on your existing laser printer.
Use our Buttefly Badges and cards for a Print on both sides of the card.

--> Here you can find butterfly badges and name tags for printers.

Tickets, season tickets and admission controls


The forms with card can be provided with various security features and copy protection, so that they are forgery-proof. This is particularly recommended if the cards represent a value. Photo fields can also be integrated into the cards, a quick identification with the card is possible. Print your season ticket, or ID card with your office laser printer.

--> Here you will find suitable season and admission tickets for printers.

Club cards and membership cards

Many associations and clubs need fast, simple but efficient ID solutions. With an integrated card as a membership card, it is very easy to reach all members. Because you can easily print the membership cards and send them with the annual letter.

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