Eco labels

Eco labels

Eco-labels / FSC-certified papers / closed loops

All papers used for our online shop are FSC-certified. Of course, we as a print shop are also FSC-certified. We collect any offcuts or our leftover paper and later deliver it to a paper mill. This paper mill makes recycled paper from the scraps. The paper produced in this way is then used again by us for some products.

The paper we use for the backings on the products made with hot glue is only very lightly siliconised. For the production of integrated labels with hot glue and silicone paper, we have developed a hot glue system that reduces silicone paper waste by 50% compared to other production methods.

Digikett obtains its electricity from 100% hydroelectric power and provides its employees with 3 fully electric company cars, 2 e-bikes and 1 hybrid vehicle, also for private use. Furthermore, we support and develop - on our own initiative - local measures for climate and environmental protection.





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Product no.: DK-STOFO-LAB002/H Eco Karton

A4 with one integrated label 86 x 54 mm
(500 sheets / box)

  • Letter: A4
  • Label: 86 x 54 mm
  • Position: 35 mm from the top & 10 mm from the right
  • Packed: 500 sheets per box
  • Paper: 80g, 100% made from waste paper

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Invoice paper with integrated label

17.12 / box(es) *
1000 sheet(s) = 34.24 €
Delivery weight: 3 kg


Product no.: DK-STOFO-CUS

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