LaserPIN letters / paper with copy protection

Letter with pin field ideal for sending pin codes

PIN letters make it possible to print confidential information on a letter with a laserprinter. The special lamination hides the printed information until it is removed. You no longer have to give your data out to a third person and can easily print the information by yourself.

LaserPIN is a patented DIGIKETT product that can be customized easily on a laser printer.

The PIN box is coated with a special foil, which keeps your information safe until it gets withdrawn from the form. Only after release of the Pinfoil, the information is visible. This will allow you to print your confidential information directly on your printer.

Creating secure documents is often very expensive, so we have a standard product as stock form, which is produced in long runs so that we can offer it very cost-effective.

The trust of your customers is important especially when it comes to personal data. With our PIN letters you can now print confidential information safely, without having to give the data to third parties.

The purpose of the PIN mailer includes the transmission of PINs, passwords, login informations or license codes.

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Product no.: DK-STOFO-PIN001 Karton

DIN A4 mit LaserPIN
(500 sheets / box)

  • Letterhead: DIN A4
  • PIN-Field: 45 x 20 mm
  • Position: 246 mm from the top & 15 mm from the right
103.09 / box(es) *
Delivery weight: 3.3 kg
1000 sheet(s) = 206.18 €

Ready for shipment in
1 working day(s) + shipping time approx. 2 working days

Price incl. german VAT (not for registered EU company), plus Shipping