Medical forms and labels

Medical forms and labels

Papers for medical use

Medical forms come in many varieties.

The requirements for medical products are of course extremely high.
Our pharmaceutical labels are temperature-resistant and specially made to adhere to specimen collection tubes. The labels, which are dispensed onto the form, can be personalised with barcodes or similar in any laser printer. Because you have all the necessary components integrated in one form, there can be no data matching errors between label, sample and form.

Another special product in the medical field is our paper with adhesive flap card and additional pharmaceutical label pad. This product has proven its worth in refugee shelters. It is possible to print a refugee ID card and the labels for an initial medical examination in one printing process. This way there can be no confusion at all. A standard laser printer is sufficient for printing, you do not need any expensive, additional software.

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Product no.: DK-STOFO-NEX Karton

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1000 sheet(s) = 313.40 €
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Product no.: DK-STOFO-DURA003 Karton

39.27 / box(es) *
1000 sheet(s) = 196.35 €
Delivery weight: 1 kg


Product no.: DK-STOFO-CUS

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