Custom Integrated labels

Custom Integrated labels

Sesame Labels – Integrated and Detached Labels

Integrierte Sesam-Etiketten

As a manufacturer of integrated Sesame labels, we offer a range of standard forms in our shop. For many shipping platforms, we have the right Sesame labels in larger quantities in stock.

Sesame labels are labels backed with silicone paper that can easily be removed from the sheet. By using an integrated label, you reduce your work steps. The elaborate and error-prone address comparison is eliminated.
Ideal for shipping labels, address labels, invoice paperthe label also finds its uses in administration and labelling, for example as a test seal.

Advantages of Integrated Sesame Labels

The combined integrated form and Sesame label can be easily integrated into your existing work processes, making your everyday life easier. All of our integrated Sesame labels can be printed and used with your existing printer without any problems.

Production of Integrated Labels

The integrated labels and forms from Digikett are produced on machines developed and built in-house. This allows us to flexibly produce the integrated products to customer requirements. We adjust the label size, paper, and glue to the respective product. Complex mailings and security features can be implemented with us. On up to 4 offset printing machines and 3 digital printing machines, we can print and elaborate your forms.

Ask for a quote or look for a standard form.

We mostly produce individual forms that are individually tailored to our customers. From your idea, we adapt the label and material to your requirements.

VersandetikettenAsk us directly for a suitable solution.

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