Security forms

Security forms, security labels, hologram embossing and cards with barcode copy protection.

The LaserPIN letters are perfect for sending secret data. Best of all, you don't have to take your highly sensitive customer data off-site.
You simply print the PIN letters in your office laser printer and then send the letters to your customers by post.

Papers with security seals are suitable for use as guarantee certificates with integrated security labels. The labels can be easily printed with a b/w laser printer.
Once affixed, the guarantee seals cannot be removed without leaving residues and tampering would be obvious.

The pre-printed tickets contain a whole range of security features:

  • Guilloche security print in 2 colours
  • UV-fluorescent ink
  • Thermochromatic ink
  • Microtext
  • Register hologram

To name just a few obvious security features. We won't list them all here - after all, we don't want to reveal all the secrets to potential counterfeiters.
The tickets can be printed with any standard printer. The number ranges of the order are logged.

Our adhesive flap cards with soccer hologram are primarily intended for small football clubs.
The cards are forgery-proof due to the applied hologram. The cards are finished with a matt top laminate and can therefore be printed with any laser printer.
The hologram serves not only as copy protection, but also as a real eye-catcher!

Cards with barcode copy protection are a very simple but very efficient way to protect barcodes from copying.
Anyone can easily create and print barcodes. Unfortunately, these barcodes can also be easily copied.
Print the barcode on the black field of the DK-STOFO-SECURE004 and your barcode is copy-protected! Only infrared scanners can still read and process the code.
Copying, on the other hand, is pointless.

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Product no.: DK-STOFO-PIN001 Karton

DIN A4 with integrated label

 (250 sheets per box)

Position: 225,3 mm from top and 18,5 mm from right

- Dimension PIN: 45 mm x 20 mm

89.25 / box(es) *
Delivery weight: 3.3 kg
1000 sheet(s) = 178.50 €

In stock. Delivery within 2 days + shipping

Product no.: DK-STOFO-SECURE002
17.85 / box(es) *
Delivery weight: 1.1 kg
1 sheet(s) = 0.18 €

In stock. Delivery within 2 days + shipping

Product no.: DK-STOFO-SECURE003

DIN A4 with an integrated fold over card, matt, Soccer-Hologram
(250 sheets)

  • Letter: A4
  • Card: 172 x 54 mm open / 86 x 54 mm closed
  • Position: 15 mm from the bottom and 19 mm from the right and left
  • Hot stamping hologram: soccer foil
98.96 / box(es) *
Delivery weight: 2.6 kg
1000 sheet(s) = 395.84 €

In stock. Delivery within 2 days + shipping

Product no.: DK-STOFO-SECURE004
77.00 / box(es) *
Delivery weight: 2.7 kg
1000 sheet(s) = 308.00 €

only 19 Boxes in Stock, Delivery within 2 days + shipping

Product no.: DK-STOFO-TICKET001 Karton
44.63 / box(es) *
Delivery weight: 1.1 kg
1000 sheet(s) = 446.30 €

In stock. Delivery within 2 days + shipping

Product no.: DK-STOFO-SECURE001V2 Karton
64.26 / box(es) *
Delivery weight: 1.1 kg
1 sheet(s) = 0.64 €

In stock. Delivery within 2 days + shipping

Product no.: DK-STOFO-CUS
0.00 / box(es) *
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