DK-STOFO-LAB003/H Pallet

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1000 sheet(s) = 57.45 €

DIN A4 with integrated label

 180 x 120 mm
(500 sheets / box)

Good for eg. Hermes Online-paket. Print your online created packet form simply and stick it on the package!

Our self-adhesive shipping labels in the format 180 x 120 mm are ideal for Hermes online franking. With these integrated labels you can send even more conveniently.
On one sheet there is a self-adhesive peelable label on one half and normal printer paper on the other.
Simply insert shipping labels into the printer (please follow the instructions of the printer manufacturer),
Print the franking and stick the self-adhesive label on your shipment. The other half of the A4 sheet serves as proof of delivery.
The labels are suitable for any conventional printer.

Thanks to our manufacturing technology, we only need a slightly siliconized cover paper and there is no further waste in the form of additional cover paper during the production process. This saves 50% siliconized waste compared to productions with transfer film.

On the back, the use of hot glue creates a narrow drying strip on 2 edges of the label, which help the end customer to separate the siliconized paper from the recycled paper and dispose of both correctly.

Technical data:

  • Letterhead: A4
  • Label: 180 x 120 mm
  • Position: 15 mm from the bottom and 15 mm from the top
  • Paper: 80g white
  • Backside: Hotmelt with siliconpaper & dry stripe
  • Print: article number in black
  • Package: 500 sheets per box

1 pallet = 156 boxes = 78.000 sheets

Information about Shipping label (DK-STOFO-LAB003/H)

Templates for DK-STOFO-LAB003/H:
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