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1000 sheet(s) = 82.04 €

A4 pallet accompanying slip with longitudinal perforation
(500 sheets / box)

Technical data:
  • Letterhead: A4
  • Stiffeners: glue: 30 x 270 mm
 / Foil: 40 x 270 mm
  • Paper: 90g  white
  • Print: Article number in black
  • Processing: adhesive strip on the back
  • Package: 500 sheets per box

With the pallet labels with longitudinal perforation you have the possibility to mark your pallets easily and efficiently. These slips can easily be used in any commercially available printer. If necessary, you can even label them by hand. Once the labelling is done, remove the foil from the back and stick the pallet accompanying slips directly onto the pallets to be shipped.

This procedure makes it easier for the recipient of the pallets to receive the goods and contributes to order in the warehouse. The recipient thus has all the relevant information at a glance and no longer has to open the delivery note pockets to find out the details. This saves time and effort for both the recipient and the shipper.

In addition, the use of plate slips with longitudinal perforation offers further advantages. They enable the pallets to be clearly and visibly marked, which avoids confusion or misunderstandings. The shipper can quickly and easily check that all the required information is present on the pallet slips, resulting in a smooth shipping process.

In summary, using slips with longitudinal perforation is a practical and efficient way to label your pallets. By simplifying the receipt of goods and creating order in the warehouse, you contribute to effective logistics. In addition, these slips enable clear communication between shipper and recipient by displaying all important information directly on the pallets. Use this method to optimise your shipping process and ensure smooth handling.

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