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1000 sheet(s) = 355.76 €

DIN A4 with integrated card with barcode copy protection
(250 sheet / box)


The entrance control of visitors takes place at many facilities today via printed barcodes or other barcodes. This is a simple and cost-effective solution for the operators.

In times of increasingly better photocopiers, however, "clever" customers sometimes want to do their family members or friends a favour and copy their access cards including barcode, thus gaining them unauthorised entry. If the entrance control then also takes place "offline", i.e. it is not checked whether a code has already been scanned or not, the door is opened to "free entry".

To overcome this problem, we have come up with a solution that is not only simple, but also cost-effective: a "jamming field" is printed on the admission ticket using a special black infrared ink. The user can print his access barcode on this field with a standard b/w laser printer.

Because the barcode scanners work on an infrared basis, the "interference field" is ignored by the scanner and the normal black barcode printed by the laser printer is read. To a photocopier, however, everything looks the same black. As a result, when the card is attempted to be copied, everything is copied as well. The result is a barcode that can no longer be recognised by the scanners.

  • Letter: DIN A4
  • Barcode copy protection
  • Card: 86 x 54 mm
  • Position: 18 mm from the bottom and 15 mm from the right
  • Paper: 120gsm, white
  • Laminate: BS: 100 µ thick, clear
  • Print: Security field in IR colour
  • Packaging unit: 250 sheets per box


Fields of application:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Discount cards
  • Membership cards
  • Spectacle passes
  • Admission tickets
  • Club passes

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