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Toilet insert for stool sample 420 x 215.9 mm
Test size: 2 pieces in one envelope


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Stool catcher / stool sample catcher
Patient aid for undiluted stool samples

Modern deep-flush toilets are widely used today - for good reason. But unfortunately, they make it virtually impossible to collect unblemished stool samples. Apart from water, toilet cleaners or fragrance additives in the toilet water can falsify the results.

Stool collection aid made of special paper for easy collection of stool samples. Bowel cancer test for early detection

This stool sample collector made of paper solves this problem in a hygienic way:
It is stuck to the deep-flush toilet with self-adhesive surfaces under the toilet seat and then - after taking the sample - flushed down with it.
Since the special paper - similar to toilet paper - is designed to gradually dissolve in contact with water, there is no risk of clogging the toilet.

This toilet insert is an ideal means of collecting stool samples, also for institutions that need to constantly monitor the health of staff or patients.

  • Format : Sheet net 420 x 215,9 mm
  • Paper : 45g special paper
    • One side short-term water repellent (NOT siliconised)
    • Other side open-pored and provides water solubility
  • Printing : 1/2-colour = inside black offset + outside cyan, black
  • Laminate : 4 x removable adhesive patches 30 mm
  • Processing : Folded
  • Test size : 2 pieces in one envelope
  • Maximum one free sample per customer
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