Suitcase tag and plastic labels

Suitcase tag and plastic labels

Loop labels for laser printers

You will find loop labels and luggage tags in special designs. Our DIN A4 sheets with luggage tags or loop labels are ideal for use on laser printers. The loop labels are suitable for marking boxes and objects without sticking them and are therefore easy to remove. Loop labels are made of different materials - depending on the use. For marking objects, weatherproof loop labels made of plastic are optimal.

Luggage tags for laser printers

Integrated luggage tags in A4 sheets can be easily personalised in a laser printer. The luggage tags are ideal for labelling wardrobes and suitcases for trade fairs, conferences or travel. The integrated luggage tags are available in different designs.

Loop labels are ideal for applications where the items cannot be glued. Labelling is often problematic there and requires an alternative solution. Our loop labels are an ideal solution for this.

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Product no.: DK-STOFO-BAG001 Karton

DIN A4 with integrated luggage tag / loop label
(250 pcs. / box)

  • Letter: DIN A4
  • Tag: 40.6 x 271.3 mm
75.87 / box(es) *
1000 sheet(s) = 303.48 €
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ready for dispatch within 1 Delivery working day(s) + shipping time approx. 2 working days
Delivery weight: 2.8 kg


Product no.: DK-STOFO-CUS

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