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1000 sheet(s) = 1,570.80 €

DIN A4 water-soluble label material
(25 pcs. / box)

  • Label material: DIN A4
  • Water soluble label material
  • Conforms to FDA 175.105 - indirect food contact

Water-soluble labels / wash-off labels:
Residue-free label removal Removing labels can often be annoying, time-consuming and unsatisfactory. With conventional, permanently adhesive standard stickers, smudgy adhesive residues, unsightly paper residues and scratched surfaces are often left behind. The use of chemical auxiliaries or cleaning agents is often required to remove this residue. All this is ineffective and frustrating.

The solution is water-soluble labels. These labels can be easily removed with water, providing a simple, cost-saving and efficient solution. With the help of water, labels can be removed quickly, thoroughly and hygienically clean. This is particularly useful for reusable containers such as jars, bottles, dishes and glassware, but also for laboratory vessels and catering containers. As these containers are usually rinsed before the next use, label removal can be easily integrated into the rinsing process without the need for a separate work step. The label material dissolves completely in cold or warm water, leaving only a slightly turbid slurry that can be disposed of in the regular waste water. The material is biodegradable and can be easily degraded in biologically working sewage treatment plants.

It meets FDA guidelines for indirect food contact and is therefore ideal for temporary labelling in various applications. It can be used on reusable metal, plastic or glass containers, beverage crates, laboratory containers, hygienic food containers, high-value household items as well as labels for opening and consumption data in the professional food sector.

  • Areas of application - Temporary labelling of:
  • Reusable containers made of metal, plastic or glass
  • Beverage crates
  • Laboratory containers
  • hygienic food containers (crates, bottles/bowls)
  • High-quality household articles
  • Labels for opening and consumption data in the professional food sector

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