Print Shipping Labels

Print Shipping Labels

Printing shipping labels for e-commerce - the "Integrated Solution"!


Shipping labels are an essential part of e-commerce logistics and part of every package.
No matter how big your online business is - matching shipping labels are important for optimal shipment handling.
Data matching is time consuming - address errors quickly become costly and packages are delivered incorrectly.

Whether you're just starting a store and shipping your first products, or you already have experience with shipping, our guide to matching shipping labels is a great help.

Find the right A4 integrated shipping labels:

  • What is a shipping label?
  • How do shipping labels work?
  • How do you create a shipping label?
  • How to print shipping labels?
  • Why use integrated shipping labels?

With suitable integrated shipping labels for different shipping partners, you can ensure a optimal shipping process and your packages will be delivered without any problems. The right shipping process also helps you save money and time. Use our integrated labels to make your shipping process efficient.

What is a shipping label?

Shipping labels contain important information for the shipping company and the shipping service provider to safely transport a package from its start to its final destination.

Important information includes: the address, zip code, country, date, package quantity, as well as the weight and tracking number, which should not be forgotten.
Shipping labels can also specify the contents, especially when it comes to international shipments a commodity custom number is important.
Labels also include shipping method information (e.g. express, standard, etc.) for the carrier to ensure that the paid service can be provided.
Each label is unique and old labels cannot be reused. A new label must be created for each shipment.

How do shipping labels work?


A shipping label displays the information to direct packages to the right destinations, track it at every stage, and ensure that the right service is provided. Each shipping service provider uses its own template for its shipping labels. They are designed to be read by humans and machines, so they have to be clear and easy to read. Each carrier has designed their label to work with their system, sorting and delivery process, so it is important to use their templates.

On a shipping label you will see barcodes, numbers and letters. These are all important for the process. Each information is generated individually0.

The information on the shipping label:


1: The name and address of the sender.
2: The name and address of the recipient: A matrix code - a code with all the information to scan.
4: A shipping code - informs how the package should be forwarded 

5: A delivery code - the postal code of the destination
6: The tracking number - a code with which you can track the package.
7: Service level - express, standard, etc.

Most of the information is automatically placed on the shipping label.

How are shipping labels created?

Shipping labels are usually created at the end of each order process. This is done manually or fully automatic - with all necessary information. Every shipping service provider needs the appropriate shipping information: Offline as a shipping label and online for tracking and a optimal delivery processing. In terms of information, the shipping labels of shipping service providers differ only slightly, it is important to print the appropriate label size and not to change the label.

Find A4 integrated shipping labels for various shipping service providers here.



Suitable shipping labels for DHL, DPD, Hermes.


For each shipping service provider, there are different ways to provide this information. It is important to find the right Parcel service for you. The major service providers are: DPD, DHL, UPS, GLS, FedEx and Hermes. Also, large companies have their own delivery services such as: Amazon. If larger goods or large quantities are delivered you will need a freight forwarder.

Suitable labels for the Parcel serivces usually differ only in size. All have specific requirements for their shipping labels and are usually subject to a standard. Creating your own template or filling out a label by hand is time consuming, error prone and will not work. To create a shipping label, you must follow the requirements of the Parcel service.

Create shipping labels manually or automatically?

It is important to know how you want to create your shipping labels. The possibilities often differ in the software application. Shipping labels can simply be entered manually online on the shipping platform by the service provider. To do this, simply visit the website and fill out the form with your sender address, delivery address and other required information. The shipping label created in this way can now simply be printed out directly. This method is more suitable for small companies with few shipments as this manual entry of shipping addresses is very time-consuming. For each order you have to visit the website and enter the information manually one by one.

Shipping labels integrated directly into the delivery bill are ideal for smaller companies. These are easy to handle and there are no additional costs for printers or expensive special software.

 Find the right Shipping labels for DHL, DPD und Hermes 


Use of shipping label software

With appropriate shipping label software, you can download a shipping label template from a service provider and fill out the label locally on your computer. This also allows you to customize the process optimally, with options for automation as well as the ability to customize the labels. Ideally, you'll have an interface to automatically submit the shipping data to the label software.

With integrated shipping labels, you can directly print the label and the Packslip

Find Shipping Labels here

Automate with a shipping tool

With a shipping tool, you can automatically merge order information from multiple platforms and carriers to fill out forms quickly and efficiently. A good shipping tool connects directly to your store or inventory management system and retrieves the order information. This information, which is needed for the shipping label, is automatically created as the correct template and the label can then be printed on the appropriate shipping form with label.Finden Sie passende Versandformulare.

Automate shipping label Process


If you have a large number of orders, a shipping tool can save you time and effort by eliminating the need to fill out labels manually. Here's what you should consider when choosing the right shipping software:
What sales platforms (ePages, Shopify, Magento, eBay, Amazon, etc.) do you need to integrate with? How many shipments do you send per month
Where do you ship to? Do you need international shipping?What labels do I need for my shipping tool?
- Labels for epages, Shopify, Magento
- Labels for Ebay, Amazon
- Labels for DHL DPD Hermes

Order free samples with shipping labels that are right for you.

​Integrierte Versand-Etiketten

Printing shipping labels with shipping forms:

How do I print shipping labels?
Which label printer do I need?
Which labels do I need?

The printing of shipping labels is usually done directly from the software you use. technikThe shipping data entered is emitteln and the data is transmitted to the shipping company.
addition, a shipping label is generated, which is created by the shipping service provider or the software. The finished label is the part of the shipping logistics you need to have the package secured


In addition to the right software, you need the right shipping labels to have a smooth shipping process in house. There are different label solutions you can use. It is important that you use the appropriate label sheets that best fit your shipping label. These vary depending on the shipping service provider and your own specifications.

Printing shipping labels is simple and can easily be done from the shipping software or as a PDF.
However, there are crucial differences in how the finished shipping label is printed and ultimately how it is printed and finally applied to the package. Appropriate shipping forms and labels are important for an optimal workflow.

Find a large selection of integrated labels here Amazon-Ebay_sDPD-DHL-HERMES_sEtiketten-Links_sDouble-Labels_s
Which printer do you need for shipping labels?

There are many different printers and ways to print labels and shipping forms today.
To print shipping labels, some are more suitable than others, the decisive factor is your preferred order processing. After all, it's important for smooth ship ing that each order is labeled with the appropriate label. This should happen as efficiently and error-free as possible. Otherwise, your orders may be delivered incorrectly and a lot of time will be lost in labeling.

Sheet label printers - laser and inkjet printers

As you know from every office and home, sheet printers are ideal for printing shipping labels. The printers are usually cheap to buy and certainly already available. Therefore, this is a cheap, reliable and the ideal way to efficiently print shipping labels. All that is needed is the appropriate shipping label sheets, which can be easily processed by your existing printer.


When choosing the right printer, you should always pay attention to the quality! Cheap printers can quickly become a problem. Therefore, you should preferably use a high-quality printer for the shipping labels. Depending on your parcel volume and the orders to be processed that are sent, it is recommended to set the label sheets in a printer tray or to use the printer only for the labels. You should also pay attention to printing costs, and if you have a large volume of orders, keep these costs as low as possible. Use instead a high-quality printer and suitable possibly with your logo / letterhead pre-printed shipping label sheets.

Label printer for thermal labels

Thermal label printers are a common option to print labels efficiently. For this, you need additional special printers used for label printing for shipping. The thermal label printers can be applied with the shipping software; the thermal paper reacts to heat and is thus labeled with the printer. You don't require additional ink - nevertheless the label material is usually expensive. Additionally, you have to assign each label to the order, which can be a hassle if you have a high volume of packages.

Label paper and sheets


Suitable labels are required for the printer, these must match the software and the shipping label generated by the shipping service provider. It is important that the finished labels are printed completely on the label. For thermal label printers, ready rolls with matching finished labels are purchased, using the printer software, the print image can be adjusted to the printer. A simple and easy method to generate and print individual labels. A4 sheet labels are suitable for laser printers. These are printed like any other print on the printer. You should use suitable A4 label sheets, which are suitable for your solution and can be printed without much effort. To print cost-effective labels on the laser printer, it is recommended to use special integrated label forms. These are optimized for standard printers and offer enough space to print the shipping label including the delivery bill. Adapted to most platforms, integrated shipping forms with labels can be printed directly from your software. There are also integrated shipping labels that have been customized directly for each shipping service provider.

The integrated label is easy to use and is ideal as address label. The integrated forms are printed directly from your enterprise resource planning including the label. Here, the form with label has a significant advantage. You have invoice paper/delivery bill together with shipping label available in only one printing process, the annoying, time-consuming and error-prone assignment of the address is therefore completely eliminate

Integrated Labels and Adresslabels

Shipping forms with integrated labels

In the case of high parcel volumes and for effective shipping processing, suitable shipping forms are required. Forms with shipping labels are particularly suitable for an automated and effective shipping solution. The requirements for the software and the associated information to be printed on the form are demanding. For this purpose, complex forms are required that must contain all information. In order to work as efficiently as possible, invoice paper, delivery bill, label and vouchers are integrated in the form, everything is processed in one printing process to ensure the most error-free dispatch possible. It is common to use the shipping forms as a packing list. It is also possible to print the reverse side with individual vouchers or special promotions.

Shipping Forms with Labels for E-Commerce

Print returns labels

RetourenetikettMany store orders are returned, these orders are associated with extra effort. The items must be restocked with great care and stored in the system. Returns labels are needed for optimized returns processing. These can usually be created by the customer online as a PDF afterwards. For many customers, it is easiest if the return labels are supplied. It is important to supply the label as effectively as possible. With a suitable shipping form with return label, you can print both labels in one form. This is effective and customer friendly as many do not have their own printer. You can also add a return label to the shipping form. This makes it easier to file the returns back into the system, and you gain information about the reason for the return.

Shipping Forms with a Return Label

Tips for matching labels:

Your packages could be exposed to rain and handled with human and machine force. This means that inferior shipping labels could be damaged and the label becomes unreadable. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention to the adhesive strength of the labels so that they do not detach from the package. Make sure that the labels can be read by both humans and machines. For this reason, we advise the use of high-quality adhesive labels for optimized error-free shipping.