Label paper - Many labels on one sheet

DIN A4 label stock papers

We offer you a selection of high-quality paper labels on sheets. We have labels suitable for inkjet and laser printers in various formats and designs.

For special applications such as online franking, we have specially adapted label forms on sheets. We have common label sheets in stock as DIN A4 labels and thus offer you fast delivery times. Most of our labels are permanent - but we also have "removable labels", "weatherproof labels" and "synthetic labels" in our shop.

A4 paper labels as sheets

Our paper labels fit common inkjet and laser printers and can be used for a variety of applications. You can easily buy suitable A4 labels in our shop.
We also offer special labels for special applications, such as E.g .: Weatherproof labels or removable labels.

You can conveniently order adhesive labels, stickers and stickers from us as sheets. Our standard sheet-fed labels are ideal for mail order and online franking.

If you are looking for additional shipping labels, we offer various integrated shipping labels for online franking.

We would be happy to manufacture individual products especially for you - talk to us!

4 tips for perfect label printing

Tip 1 - Create the print templates

Many Office programmes already contain label templates.

When designing your labels, make sure that you leave enough space to the edges of the labels. The paper always moves minimally in the printer.
Make a test print on "normal printer paper" and check - e.g.: against the light - whether your positioning fits the label sheet. The dimensions for the respective sheets can be found on the product and there you can also download a free template.

Tip 2 - Load the label paper correctly in the printer

Please always follow the recommendations of the printer manufacturer.

Make sure you place the paper the right way round in the printer. Most printers have a small drawing in the respective compartments. If this is not available, look up this information in the manual, or mark one side of a blank sheet and print on it. Then you can orientate yourself on the print result.

To prevent the individual sheets from sticking together, be sure to "fan" the paper carefully before inserting it. This will allow air to get between the sheets and the sheets will feed in individually.

Please do not use label sheets that have already been used a second time. There is a risk that individual labels will then peel off and damage the printer.

Tip 3 - Printer settings

Some printers already have the option "label printing" in the factory settings of the printer driver. If this is not the case, try the settings "foil printing" or "thick paper". Please note that the designations may differ from printer to printer.

Tip 4 - Storage of label paper

Store label paper at normal room temperature and preferably in the original packaging.
Avoid temperature fluctuations and large changes in humidity! If you store the paper in another room (warehouse), give it approx. 24 hours to acclimatise.
Protect the paper from heat and humidity.

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Product no.: DK-STOFO-TRO002 Karton

132.80 / box(es) *
1000 sheet(s) = 265.60 €
Ready for shipment in
1-2 Werktagen working day(s) + shipping time approx. 2 working days
Delivery weight: 7.4 kg


Product no.: DK-STOFO-TRO001 Karton

49.88 / box(es) *
1000 sheet(s) = 199.52 €
Only 13 Box(es) in stock,
ready for dispatch within 1-2 Werktagen Delivery working day(s) + shipping time approx. 2 working days
Delivery weight: 1.9 kg


Product no.: DK-STOFO-DURA002 Karton

39.27 / box(es) *
1000 sheet(s) = 1,570.80 €
Ready for shipment in
1-2 working day(s) + shipping time approx. 2 working days
Delivery weight: 0.5 kg


Product no.: DK-STOFO-LAB006 Karton

7.43 / box(es) *
1000 sheet(s) = 74.30 €
Ready for shipment in
1 working day(s) + shipping time approx. 2 working days
Delivery weight: 1 kg


Product no.: DK-STOFO-LAB032 Karton

14.16 / box(es) *
1000 sheet(s) = 56.64 €
Ready for shipment in
1 working day(s) + shipping time approx. 2 working days
Delivery weight: 1.5 kg


Product no.: DK-STOFO-CUS

0.00 / box(es) *
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